Wednesday, 6 April 2016

'The Paper Magician': Magic and Love Beautifully Entwined!

Reading 'The Paper Magician' by Charlie N. Holmberg feels like those rare times when I am lucky enough to find myself sitting in a comfortable chair, lit by a warm ray of sunlight, with no one else in the house. There is a feeling of warmth, contentment and underlying bliss that is hard to beat.

'The Paper Magician' itself is golden and warm, lit from within by gorgeous detail and sustained by a unusual and briskly paced plot.

With an unique take on the practice of magic and a realistic historical setting, Holmberg has delivered a novel that feels like peeking into a parallel universe.

The story opens, with a defiant and unhappy young magician, Ceony, set to meet her supervising magician, and perform the ceremony that will forever bond her to the practice of paper magic, extinguishing all other dreams and options she may have had.

Unbeknownst to Ceony, this moment, seemingly filled with despair, will set her on a course of  dangerous adventure and unexpected fulfillment.
She will learn, the hard way, not to judge a  branch of magic, or indeed a magician by its cover. Sometimes that which seems 'average' and bland, can transform into something the heart cannot do without.
Ceony discovers that love, even love unknown and unacknowledged can be the source of great courage ( though I suspect Ceony had a fairly stiff spine to begin with.)

I loved 'The Paper Magician' for it's slow burn romance and genuinely touching moments. Holmberg makes it easy to imagine falling in love and finding your purpose in this gorgeous book.

I managed to read 'The Paper Magician' and then the two subsequent books in the series, 'The Glass Magician' and 'The Master Magician'; in the space of four days. I am pretty sure that anyone taking on board my 'highly recommended' rating for this series, would equally enjoy the devouring of these great reads.
If you are lucky, it might be in a comfortable and sun drenched chair!

All three books in the series are available for purchase from, either in Kindle format, or perhaps more appropriately 'paper back'.:)

Happy Reading!

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