Monday, 18 April 2016

'Blow' by K J Waters: The Storm has Arrived!

I've always loved the art form that is a 'Short Story'. There is something amazing about a really punchy plot line playing out over 2000 words or less.

The author has no time for detailed character development, wordy extravagant descriptions or lengthy 'back story'.

Every word has to count, because less face it, every word adds to the count!

'Blow' by K J Waters, is one such pocket rocket packed into only thirty pages, delivering a tense and violent story in glorious, wordy, technicolor.

The plot unfolds during a vicious, growling Hurricane inside a claustrophobic and battered house.
The house acts both as a shelter for three frightened men, and a cauldron in which Waters mixes up her potion of suspicion, terror and nerves stretched taut.

I can reveal nothing more about the plot itself, spoilers in the 'Short Story' world have to be a no no!

I can say however, that as a work of art, 'Blow' is worth the investment of any readers time, ticking as it does the three essential boxes of Short Story Excellence: Plot, Tension and Punch!

If you need a brief and powerful respite from the everyday, then 'Blow' is your medicine; I know it has inspired me to check out more work by this talented author.

Hit the following link to check out her author page at!

K J Waters

As always, Happy reading:)

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