Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vampires; It's ok! We CAN still love them!

I know that Vampires have lost their shine recently; in fact it seems that in terms of popular fiction, Vamps have gone from hero to zero remarkably quickly.
I would go so far as to say that even Zombies, with their gaping, toothy smiles are currently more marketable than their pointy toothed paranormal friends.....

I can't however, throw my love for Vampire fiction over that quickly, there are still some non cliched blood suckers out there to love, and I have the list to prove it!

Vampires we can still love:

  1. Samantha Moon: The wonderful creation of author J R Rain, Samantha Moon is a Vampire 'second' and believe it or not, a mother and Private Investigator first. I love the gutsy and driven Sam, who actively battles the evil inside (as in this case Vampirism is a form of possession by a demon) while embracing the benefits, such as super strength and the ability to fly in the form of a massive and terrifying bat like monster. Can she hold out against the Demon inside or will she gradually be overtaken by blood lust? I for one am going to keep reading the 'Vampire for Hire' series until I find out! 
  2. Kiera Hudson: Hmmm, I am seeing a pattern here, another kick ass crime fighting 'lady' Vampire. Though if I am going to be honest Keira is not exactly a Vampire, she is a vampire human hybrid fighting in a complicated war to save life as we know it from being completely 'reset'. Completely compelling stuff. 
  3. Doran: This charming fellow is know as a 'Day Walker' and is a recurrent character in the Rylee Adamson 'Tracker' series by Shannon Mayer . He is absolutely incorrigible, sexy and cheeky. Better still, he doesn't actually get the girl, so he has to keep his mojo dialled to 11 every time we encounter him. Frankly, he is lots of fun without all the macho superiority complex common among fictional Vampire blokes!
  4. James Asher: In all fairness, James is not a Vampire. He is a human; he is an ex British secret service human. He is an ex British secret service human hired by Vampires to find the person behind the seemingly calculated 'murder' of Vampires in post WWI London. He is also solid Gold fantastic at his job, all the while looking for ways to outwit his Vampire employers and find safe haven for himself and his beloved wife. This series is proof positive that Vampires can participate in actual 'plot driven' literature.
So throw off your Vampire love shame and get back with the programme! I have high hopes that Vampires will be back at number one (or at very least three) within the next decade (or so....)

All books in these series are available from Amazon.com via the following links; download or order for your Vampy fix ;-)...

Samantha Moon series; By J R Rain

The Kiera Hudson series; By Tim O'Rourke

The Rylee Adamson novels; By Shannon Mayer

The James Asher Novels; By Barbara Hambly

Monday, 31 March 2014

The Divergent Series: Sometimes life isn't fair....

The Divergent series, by Veronica Roth, has been compared in scope, theme and even success to the recently epic 'Hunger Games' Series.
Both feature a feisty, capable and conflicted young woman thrown into situations far beyond the pale of our 'real' society ideas of normal, fair or ethical.
Situations that require ruthless decision making and violent actions.

This is not where the similarities end, both series feature young people as the courageous catalysts for change in horribly corrupted worlds. Both also involve difficult romances and hard choices.

Unlike the Hunger Games however, the Divergent series has experienced both devotion and fervent backlash as the series moved towards conclusion.

Without being a 'spoiler' for anyone who has yet to read the books or (shudder) watch the movie (by the way, always read the book), the 'haters' take issue with the conclusion of book three (Allegient).

These unhappy folk have tweeted, facebooked and pinterested their disgust seemingly in their hundreds of thousands, and very nearly stopped me reading the books altogether.

Thankfully I ended up ignoring the many warnings and delved into the series for myself.

While I understand the disappointment of many readers in the concluding chapters, I say this in defence of this well written and intriguing series;

Sometimes life is not fair, in fiction and the real world alike.
That doesn't mean we should not enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Finally I would say, chill out, it's not real...... yet!

The complete series is available for purchase via the following link:

The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Finally I have given into the pressure (my own) and read 'Divergent'.
For those of you who have been living under a rock, Divergent is the first installment in an uber successful YA series, penned by Veronica Roth.

Personally I love a good Young Adult (YA) read; I mean who can look past the The Hunger Games trilogy or the magnificent Harry Potter series. Wonderful books all of them!

So it was not the YA aspect of this series that had me hesitating over the buy button, it was the reviews.
Scathing, upset, angry reviews! They had me running scared. I did not want to be sucked in to the series only to be left high, dry and cranky at the end of book three. Frankly it seemed a little masochistic for my taste.

With this in mind, I really cannot explain why I eventually read the book, perhaps I was just feeling left out?
Cutting to the chase, was it any good? Am I going to bite the bullet and read the rest of the series?

Answers as follows:

Yes and I already am.....

There is a good chance that I am more of a masochist that originally thought, however I did enjoy Divergent. I will admit, I did not LOVE it as much as, say, the aforementioned Hunger Games, but I did find it engaging and entertaining. More importantly I do want to know 'what next?'.

I will keep you posted when I get to the end of the series.

If you want to take the journey as well, the Divergent Series is available through Amazon.com via the following link:

The Divergent Series

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


 I have just returned from sneaking into my bedroom to retrieve my Kindle from beside the sleeping form of my husband.
When my fingers found the shape of my Kindle in the dark I distinctly heard myself think the following words.

'My Precious'

Scary stuff!