Sunday, 28 September 2014

Gone Girl: Why you should get on the Band Wagon too

Talk about a late bloomer, finally I am on the 'Gone Girl' band wagon! 

For a self confessed reading addict, I really cannot explain this delay as other than a lapse in judgement. More telling perhaps, is that it took an afternoon drive time radio show to push me over the edge (over edge into reading that is....I went over the other edge years ago :).

Thank heavens for drive time! Gone Girl is well worth the hype it has generated in the years since its release (maybe that's why I hadn't read it, too much hype?).

An intense and startling novel, 'Gone Girl' is so crammed with icy cold suspense that I nearly broke my golden 'never read ahead' rule.

Problem was I had an urgent need to know..... let me explain with a quick non spoiler review.

Nick and Amy are young, married and in love when their perfect life starts to come apart. After losing their jobs and discovering Nick's mother is dying from cancer they move from New York to the vastly 'different' Missouri to care for her.
Problem is Amy is desperately unhappy with the move and Nick copes by becoming ever more distant from his struggling wife.
In the midst of marital struggles, the unthinkable happens and Amy disappears without a trace.

All to soon suspicion falls on Nick, after all, isn't it always the husband? As a reader, emerging details rocked my faith in Nick as well, is he the good guy he seems, or an abusive and cruel husband. Hence my issue, I HAD TO KNOW.

Some advice, follow my rule. DO NOT read ahead to see, you will ruin this book for yourself. Don't do it. Just don't. (Also don't google 'Gone Girl' either... not every site avoids spoilers).

One definite 'do' is: Do read 'Gone Girl'. Gillian Flynn has created a taut psychological thriller that will deliver surprises, shocks and SUSPENSE right through to the gut wrenching end.

To read Gone Girl now, download to your free Kindle app from amazon via the following link:

'Gone Girl' By Gillian Flynn

Happy Reading!

Monday, 8 September 2014

'Brilliance': Marcus Sakey's Irresistible Series

It has happened.... my luck has finally run out! I was on a 'series' roll, every series that I discovered and loved (with a major exception... you know who I'm talking about Mr George R R Martin) being complete and whole and satisfying..... and I repeat, finished!
No wondering for years what the heck was going to happen after the cliff hanger ending, just a seamless trip to the buy button on my Kindle to buy book 2 and 3 (and in some cases 4 and 5).

But reading Karma has caught up with me in the form of 'Brilliance' by Marcus Sakey. Bottom line is this, I read book one (loved it), book two (loved it a bit more) and then..... what is this? Book three is yet to be released?

What is there to do but inflict my pain on the world with a BIG recommendation for this fantastic series.

Set in an alternate reality where a small minority of 'Brilliants' (people born with extraordinarily developed abilities, such as reading body language, seeing patterns in numbers and systems etc) find themselves regulated and even hunted by the majority of 'normals'. Problem is, the regular man on the street has moved beyond being intimidated by the potential of these people, to being afraid of a world where they are always outwitted by their more 'Brilliant' brothers and sisters.

Caught in this evolutionary battle, Federal Agent (and 'Brilliant') Nick Cooper has spent his career hunting rogue Brilliants; but what if his mission was based on lies? Will the truth set him free or plunge him into a battle to save civilization from imploding into chaos?

You guessed it..... chaos it is!

With a cast of great characters and plot lines skillfully interwoven into a fast paced whole, 'Brilliance' is a must read for all lovers of Thrillers and conspiracy books alike.

'Brilliance' is available for purchase from through the following link:

'Brilliance' By Marcus Sakey

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Virtues of Oxygen

Sometimes I am tempted to review a book in just one word. If temptation were to become a reality for Susan Schoenberger's work 'The Virtues of Oxygen', the word would most probably be 'affirmation'.

For a book that is essentially a treatise to loss and how to deal with it, the intriguingly titled 'The Virtues of Oxygen', manages to affirm life and all its blessings in a way that is both engaging and provoking.

The story is woven around the lives of Vivian and Holly, two women who are dealing with very different types of loss.

Nearly every moment of Vivian's life has been spent coming to terms with the repercussions of  a childhood bout of polio. A virus that seems remote and even old-fashioned in modern day America has none the less left Vivian confined to an iron lung since age six.

 Now I will do you all a favor and post a picture of an iron lung here as I could not begin to imagine what this was like while I was reading the book.

Righto, back to the review....

Somehow, despite this frankly unimaginable confinement and requiring twenty four hour assistance, Vivian has gradually managed to turn her life into a 'success'.
With friends, money and even her own podcast, Vivian has become the vibrant glue that holds her small community together.

Holly, her friend, volunteer helper and editor of the local newspaper is also dealing with life's harsher realities. Widowed, still grieving and struggling financially she is told that her small newspaper is being shut down.

With having no income a looming reality and mounting debts, (a plight familiar to many people over the GFC, when this story is set), Holly finds herself sinking towards despair.

'The Virtues of Oxygen', may seem bleak from this brief (non spoiler) plot outline, but believe me it is anything but! Somehow hope and joy creep into this book until they become the unlikely dominant force.

Read this for a perspective check, life 'aint that bad' after all!

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