Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Organ Reapers: Don't judge the book.....

I won't lie to you, I was very excited to be approached by a publisher to review a new 'urban fantasy' novel; much less so when I learned the books name.....'Organ Reapers'.

'What'! I thought, 'This sounds a LOT like a gruesome mess I would rather avoid'.... and I am imagining that many potential readers will feel the same.

Despite my reluctance I gave the book a tentative read, then another, slightly less tentative, until finally I found myself just 'reading'.
In my happy place, as it were.

Organ Reapers, by Shay West, is not my favorite paranormal book this year, but it did prove (against all expectations) to be a good use of my time.

Reapers' boasts an unusual premise, where an inter-world portal is used by a revered, feted and richly rewarded few, to collect specific organs from earth bound donors to save lives from their home world.

What happens however, when a hand picked reaper questions the morality and wisdom of this brutal organ theft?

Faced with charges of treason on their own world, one such reaper, Keena and her partner, Tani find themselves earth bound in a race to avoid arrest, while  attempting to convince detectives Eli and Ava that they are;

a) not crazy cultists,
b) indeed from another world and
c) able to help stop the mysterious and barbaric killing spree plaguing cities across the world.

Sounds interesting doesn't it?

If you are a fan of paranormal fiction then 'Organ Reapers' is a worthy addition to your 'other worldly' library. Read it on a rainy day and prepare to escape planet earth!

'Organ Reapers' by Shay West is available for purchase from via the following link:

'Organ Reapers' by Shay West

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

An Open Letter to George R. R. Martin

Dear Mr Martin, 

Please accept my sincere congratulations on what is possibly the best Fantasy fiction Series in the known universe! (I refer of course to the magnificent work that is Game of Thrones.)

It has come to my attention however that you are releasing a new book on the 20th of November. Imagine my disappointment when I realised that this 'book' was not the next (loooooong awaited) installment but a 'History of Westeros'. 

I mean really. 

Bottom line is this, I absolutely forbid you to write another word of fiction if it is NOT part of Book 6 of G.O.T.

Honestly, I have nothing to threaten you with to achieve my aims, except to say this. I WILL buy book six when you release it, but I will be disgruntled, VERY disgruntled.

Best of luck with the 'words'.

Kind Regards

Little Miss Kindle

p.s. A signed copy of book six will go a long way towards easing my pain......

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Flowers in the Attic: A fun & Shameless 'Exhibitionist' of a read!

I promised an Old School Blockbuster and it doesn't get much bigger than this controversial, innuendo packed novel from Virginia Andrews.
First released in 1979, I imagine (though I was only three at the time) that this book must have caused quite a sensation with it's themes of incest, abuse and bad, bad mothers (in the truest sense of the phrase)!
More telling though, is that I still had to reserve this book at the local library when I first discovered it and I can't imagine that I was any younger than twelve at that time.
That equals no less than nine years of Blockbuster hotness, my current question was however, this:

'Had this 'hotness' stood the test of time; or would this book prove to be as gaudy and dated as reruns of Dynasty?'

This re read was an interesting one, with my responses to the book varying wildly over the few days it took me to complete (extra time added due to my initial reluctance/shame to be reading the book at all!).
My immediate reaction to the book went something like this...

"Wow, this really is quite bad!'"

This negativity did not last too long however as I became used to the somewhat gushy prose of the young female narrator (with Daddy this and Beautiful Mother that) and gradually lost the 'looking in' feeling that comes with a less that great book.
I admit it, by the time these poor children were locked in their Attic prison I was hooked and surprised.

The source of my surprise was how much of the book I had not understood during my first youthful perusal, apparently incest was not high of the list of things that I was aware of,... which is most probably a good thing!

As a tale of an evil family and children caught helplessly in a snare made more from money than love, the story still has a modern sensibility (even if the 'cuss' words do not ;). The burgeoning sexuality of the two older children has a tragic inevitability about it, as does the slow and dreadful decline of the young twins.

A twisted fairy tale , Flowers in the Attic' plays out like a surreal nightmare and while nightmares do not make great sleeping companions they are intriguing to read!

My first foray back to the past has been fun in the same way most guilty pleasures are. Read it to remember your youth and appreciate the blue of the sky and the sun on your face.

Flowers in the Attic is available from via the following link:

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P.S Just got in trouble from my Mum for reading this book when I was twelve..... oops. Sorry Mum!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Great Book Resurrection

Bring out the bad eighties clothes and big hair, I am going BACK IN TIME! Not literally back in time of course, but literature-ally (still making up words I see....) BACK IN TIME!

I have given myself permission to reread all those books that sent budding book worms like me scurrying to the library to put our names on the wait list for the latest and greatest.
I realise that the above paragraph shows my age, but it is worth it to be able to share some of the pure gold from my reading genesis.

Will the gold be as real as I remember, or will I be left with pages of tripe to read? 

Stay tuned as I reveal my first re- read tomorrow. This book predates even my obsession with 'Young Guns' and is the first real block buster I remember reading....I wonder if you can guess it's Title?

A clue.... part of it's Title might just grow in your garden!